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About the artist and her works

Stela Onut

Born on July 30, 1954, at Resita ,Banat, Romania

Primary studies in plastic art with the professor and painter Falusi Zoltan (first exhibition at the age of 7 )

Graduate of the section decorative painting (painted furnitures) of the Fine Arts School

Graduates the courses:

- "The success in management" - Bukarest – Centre for the Improvement of Management Performance- The British Council

- "Management in Tourism and Handicrafts" FPIMM- ANTREP

- "The Whole Village Project- An integrated approach to cultural heritage conservation in Saxon Transylvania" - The Mihai Eminescu Trust, Viscri, Malancrav  (Ro) – Londra (UK), M.E.T., Culture 2000:

Traditional Building Methods and Materials in the saxon Villages of Transylvania

Bringing Tradition into the 21st Century: Concepts and practices in surveing historic buildings

Member of Romanian Folk Creator Associations

Presentations and interviews in many journals and magazines (CASA LUX, IOANA, CASA DE VACANTA, BOLERO, BUSINESS WEEK, ZIARUL DEDUMINCA - supliment al ZIARULUI FINANCIAR, MISS SPORT, EURO RURAL)

In the end I must add that my works have been exposed to various fairs and exhibitions (at the Golden Stag Festival, at Club Art-a TV show on national television-at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Décor Expo 2003, at the Craftsmen Expo 2004 in Sfantu Gheorghe, at Hotel Marriott in Bucharest and at the Orizont Galleries in Bucharest, Ideanatale- Udine Itali-november 2004, Paris- June 2005, London-August 2005,Budapest-Hungary,Uppsala- Sweden) thus enabling my work to be sold to many private collections in Romania and abroad in countries such as Canada, the USA, New Zeeland, Australia, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden and Hungary.

The works

  • reconditioned painted old furniture
  • repainted old furniture or pint on new furniture
  • various painted wood objects ( households objects, mirror frames )
  • decorative painting on wood or any other material

Personalize your home with long-lasting, decorative, unique style hand painted things, either traditional or adapted to modern taste: - reconditioned painted old furniture - repainted old furniture or pint on new furniture - various painted wood objects ( households objects, mirror frames ) - decorative painting on wood or any other material

All my works are made on ancient wood, of a very high quality, upon which I have designed traditional or medieval motifs coming from the Balkans and Transylvania.

The old furniture has been reconditioned and repainted, following as much as possible the original decorative elements. Upon reconditionong the cracks and the small missing pieces of wood have been kept, where these little flaws are not an inconvenience, on the contrary they add charm and authenticity to the piece.

The icons are also painted on old wood, wood that with time does not change. They imitate famous icons from the 12th and 14th centuries AD and observe the Byzantine dogmas.

The mirrors are made from pieces of old furniture which cannot be reconditioned: for instance I use wardrobe door where I insert the mirror.

The technique I used for these paintings is hundreds of years old - the wooden surface is treated with bone-glue, plaster and chalk ground, natural pigments (earth and oxides) mixed with egg emulsion ( the egg emulsion has the most important role in consolidating the colours), a layer of flax oil, and wax as a final protecting layer. The anti-cavity varnish under the wax layer ensures a final protection to the painted wood. This technique has proven its resistance in time, as the colours do not alter (unlike the oil paints which grow black and lose their original hue). All my works are hand painted and patinated, thus reminding of their old originals. Although they look old, these works can very well fit in a modern furnished house where they can add some colours, thus chasing the monotony away.

Suggested prices

For the painted furniture the prices vary between 200 and 1500 euros (according to the size of the work and the complexity of their painted patterns), the old piece of furniture being included. If the client has an old piece whose painting he wishes to restore (or wishes a new piece of furniture to be painted) the price varies between 100 and 500 euros , according to the pattern the client has chosen.

The painted mirrors cost between 50 and 300 euros.

The icons cost between 40 and 400 euros: for example an icon the size of an A4 sheet can cost between 70 and 80 euros

The works can be ordered by phone or accessing my e-mail address