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Deesis- St. John the BaptistSt. george killing the dragonRomanian icon- 19 ctr
The Archangel MichaelThe Archangel GabrielMother of God
Virgin PanagiaMother of God-Deesistriptych_Mother of Good , Archangels Michael and Gabriel
Siant John the BaptistSaint George- three iconsSt. John the Baptist
St. NicholasThe Archangel GabrielSt. Roland
Mother of GodMother of Good KardiotissaSt. Demetrios
Triptych-DeisisTriptych- DeisisThe Archangel Michael
ST. GeorgeThe VirginMother of God- detail
Christ EmperorThe Miracle of the Archangel Michael St laurus and FlorusHoly Trinity
Marcus , the EvangelistThe Archangel MihailIosif
The VirginThe VirginMother of God
AngelAngelThe Archangel Gabriel
The Miracle of the Arch. MichaelThe Archangel GabrielThe Archangel Michael
Deesis- Mother of GodDeesis- ChristDeesis- St. John the Baptist
Mother of God- HodighitriaMother of God- DonskaiaMother of God- Vladimirskaia
Mother of GodMother of GOdMother of God- Panagia
St. George killing the dragonSt. George killing the dragonSt. george killing the dragon
ChristSt. Matthew, the EvangelistSt Marcus and St. John the Evangelist
St. Basil the GreatSt. EchaterinaSt. Demetrios
St. George killing the dragonSt. MinaSt. Nicholas